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We are fortsunlight - a creative moving image practice that uses compelling storytelling techniques to craft unforgettable moments.

what we do



We have a wealth of experience producing documentary films and branded content for clients from a wide range of sectors - news and feature outlets, charities, galleries, and museums.  We focus on character and story - quickly establishing mystery and emotion to hook your audience.  



Offering a variety of animation styles suitable for digital, broadcast and commercial applications - we make use of characters, environments, texture and colour to bring your message to life in a powerful and meaningful way.  Using the latest industry techniques and tools we can make your facts and figures stand out from the crowd.


BRANDED & commercial CONTENT

Our digital toolkit helps brands and businesses to tell stories that engage, educate and activate audiences.  A compelling, authentic story is essential to earn your customer's trust and attention.  We employ powerful, creative tools and know-how to push the boundaries of branding and storytelling.  


how we do it


Launching into a multimedia project can feel bewildering - our processes are built around a collaborative relationship with our clients.  It's our job to lay out all the possibilities open to you and help guide you to the right one for the message you wish to impart. 

During the development phase we listen, examine and question to establish you goals and objectives.  Our focus is on building strong stories, big emotions and moments that connect with your audience.  Based on your requirements we will explore a variety of production methods to best represent your needs. 

A great film needs a great script.  A great script needs a great story.  Great stories are told by great characters.  Identifying your story and the characters who will tell it is at the heart of our process.

Our crew are experts in a variety of styles - from standard video production, motion-graphics explainers and animation through to aerial work with drones.

We can produce video to suit all budgets - from a one-person shoot to multi-crew, multi-location productions.  Just get in touch and lets make something wonderful together.


Building strong stories, big emotions and moments that connect.


unforgettable moments



recent work


Archaeologist Julie Gibson makes a daily commute from the island of Rousay to the Orkney mainland.  Join Julie as she follows the routes of Viking Pirates across the waterways of Orkney.  


In this series of short films for BBC Culture, several leading photographers discuss their iconic photographs of the moments that shaped history.

How to make a digger - bbc

We visited the massive JCB headquarters in Staffordshire to show just what it takes to construct one of their iconic yellow diggers.